Hello and welcome to 3GS!

Year 3 - 3GS
Mr G Sedgewick - Teacher
Mrs S Nicholls - Teaching Assistant

Here are the Topics that we will be covering during the course of this academic year:

Our topics this year are:

  • Term 1 - Vicious Volcanoes
  • Term 2 - Stone Age
  • Term 3 - Europe
  • Term 4 - Forests and Plants
  • Term 5 - Light
  • Term 6 – Victorians

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Morning Routine:

Children are welcome as soon as the classroom door is opened by a member of staff (at 8:30am) and they need to be in and settled into their learning by 8:35am.

Home Time Routine:

We will stand at the classroom door and let them go when they see you in the playground. If you would like your child to begin their independence and walk home or meet you at the school gate, please let us know via Dojo or the school office so that we know that they are not expecting to meet someone in the playground.

Reading, Times Tables and Home Learning

Reading is such an important skill to learn and master, and one that is most enjoyable. Please try to read with your child regularly even if your child is a fluent reader and support him/her by asking questions to deepen their understanding of the texts. Times tables will need to be practised each day - the quicker that these facts are recalled, the easier it will be to solve tricky calculations as they move up towards Year 6. Home learning is given out on a sheet in yellow books at the start of each term.


Children will need to bring in their PE kits (black shorts/joggers/white t-shirt) at the start of each term. This is then kept in school and taken home and the end of each term.

Thank you very much for your continued support as we help your child strive to reach their potential.

Mr. Sedgwick


Children in 3GS learnt some clay skills today. They learnt the skills of slapping (to get rid of air bubbles), rolling, shaping and sticking (using slip) as they made a Stone Age tool.

What a great way to start our Stone Age DT topic where the children will eventually apply those skills as they design and make their own Stone Age tool using clay!