Welcome to Moredon Nursery!

We are a maintained Nursery offering government-funded childcare for both 15- and 30-hour placements. Our 15-hour placements are broken down into 5 daily sessions lasting 3 hours each - Monday - Friday, 8.45-11.45. Children entitled to 30 hours will attend school from 8.45-3.15 Monday - Thursday and 8.45-1.30 on Friday. In the unlikely event we have capacity, we may offer afternoon sessions to younger 3-year-olds children, in January and April. These sessions would run 4 times a week, with each afternoon lasting 3.5 hours. These sessions would run from Monday - Thursday, 11.45-3.15.

Miss J Godfrey - Teacher

Mrs L Essam - Teaching Assistant

Mrs C-A Woodman - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Wells - Teaching Assistant

As we are part of the school, we get involved with lots of the whole-school activities and have school expectations.

  • The children wear uniform to school and bring in a bookbag where they can take a book home to read. It's really important for children to have a story read to them every day.
  • Parents have access to ClassDojo where they see regular updates from Miss Godfrey, as well as whole-school communication from other members of staff. Parents post photos of what children have been up to at home and these photos are shared regularly in class so that children can talk easily about their home lives; they are an important part of the Nursery week.
  • From Term 3 onwards, the children take part in regular PE sessions which they need a PE kit for.
  • Also starting in Term 3, the children have regular Welly Wednesdays, down on the field. During this time, they take part in outdoor learning activities; the children keep a pair of wellies in school for this. 30 hours children often start PE and Welly Wednesday in the afternoons of Term 2.

Throughout the week, the children have access to a large indoor and outdoor space covering all seven learning areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children choose from a wide range of activities including construction, role-play, small world, sand, water, playdough, painting, riding trikes, going on a bug hunt and much more. The children in Nursery take part in a wide range of adult-initiated activities too, regularly focusing on phonics, reading and mathematics.

Across the year, children learn through the following topics.

  • Term 1 - Over the rainbow: We explore red, yellow, blue and green, reading different stories, singing songs and even trying food, all related to the colour of the week!
  • Term 2 - Over the rainbow: We further explore colours and take a look at orange, pink, purple, brown, black, white and grey. In the run up to Christmas we look at the shiny colours of silver and gold!
  • Term 3 - Once Upon a Time…: We read stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Gingerbread Man and the Three Little Pigs. All our learning is themed to these stories.
  • Term 4 - People Who Help Us: This is a great term with community visitors including fire fighters and police officers and nurses.
  • Term 5 - All Creatures Great and Small: We look at animals from the tiny to the huge!
  • Term 6 - Fun at the Farm and Summertime: We spend lots of time playing collaborative games, having pretend camping experiences with 'fires' and picnics and playing with sand and water. We learn about farm animals too and often go on a school trip to Farmer Gow's.

Throughout the year, we look at different festivals that are celebrated and we explore the seasons too. During some of these weeks, we provide enrichment snack for the children, e.g. noodles at Lunar (Chinese) New Year, different colour food during our colour weeks, etc. In order to provide this, we ask for an annual £10 snack contribution from parents to cover the cost.

Miss Godfrey is always available to speak to at the end of a Nursery session if you have any questions or if you would like to know how your child is getting on.

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