Welcome to Moredon Nursery!

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our nursery. We believe it is a truly exceptional place for young children to learn and develop in a safe, caring environment.

On this page, you’ll discover more about our nursery and our provision.


Nursery places are now available. If you are interested in a place, please call 01793 600344 or contact us via email at [email protected]. You can also fill in the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch.

Our Provision

The first steps in education are important for every child. At Moredon Nursery, we introduce children to the world of education through fun and engaging activities. We focus on the individual needs of each child and help them to develop the foundational skills that are so crucial in early years learning.

Our nursery is located on the site of our wonderful primary school, which ensures young children become familiar with the atmosphere of a school and spend time near older children. We’ve found this to be highly beneficial for children who progress from our nursery to our primary school, as they settle in quickly to familiar surroundings.

We also offer those with 15 hours' funding, who attend the morning session, the opportunity to pay for their child to stay all day. The cost of each afternoon session is £15.75 (Mon-Thurs) and £8.25 for a Friday session, due to the early finish.

With development at the heart of our nursery provision, we follow a bespoke curriculum that focuses on phonics, reading, and mathematics, as well as a range of play activities involving construction, roleplay, sand, water, playdough, painting, riding trikes, and going on bug hunts.

Complementing our curriculum are our fantastic facilities and resources. We understand that establishing an environment conducive to learning gives children the best chance to develop and progress. Moredon Nursery offers children a wide range of top-class facilities to stimulate their learning. They include:

  • A bright indoor area.
  • A secure outdoor area.
  • The school field, which is used for ‘Welly Wednesday’.
  • The school hall, which is used for P.E.
  • iPads and other learning resources.

Funding for Children

At Moredon Nursery, we are delighted to be able to offer both 15 and 30 hours’ free childcare to the parents of 3- and 4-year-olds. We understand the financial impact nursery can have on families, so we are pleased that the parents of children attending our nursery have access to support funding.

The funding is provided by the government. To secure the funding for your child, visit the government website by clicking the relevant button below.

We also offer those with 15 hours' funding, the opportunity to pay for their child to stay all day. See above for more information.




The Moredon Nursery provision is available for 3-to-4 year-olds and provided by a team of experienced carers and educators.

For children with 15 hours' funding who start Nursery in September, the nursery is open Monday to Friday between 8:45 am. and 11:45 am

For children with 30 hours' funding/additional parent-funded hours, our nursery is open from 8:45 am until 3:15pm. Monday to Thursday, and 8:45 am to 1:30 pm on a Friday.

If we have space for a January or an April intake, the nursery will be open from Monday-Thursday 11.45pm-3.15pm.

EYFS Curriculum

Learning Through Play

In the Early Years, learning takes place through carefully planned, play-based learning opportunities, both inside the classroom and also in our specially designated outdoor area. The EYFS curriculum has been designed with seven areas of learning and development in mind. These seven areas of learning are grouped into two strands, 'prime' and 'specific'.

The Three Prime Areas of Learning and Development:

These lay down the foundation for all children's learning, ensuring that children are able to relate to others, communicate effectively, and engage with their environment. The prime areas are dependent on each other and are universal in that they occur within all cultures and social backgrounds.

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and language

The Four Specific Areas of Learning and Development:

These can be introduced flexibly but cannot be developed alone; they build on the development gained through the prime areas. The specific areas reflect individual children's life experiences, including their cultural and social background. Practitioners will be able to plan for children's next steps in the specific areas through their observations and knowledge of children's likes, dislikes, and through regular feedback and communication from families.

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Alongside these seven areas of learning and development, the EYFS curriculum focuses on the way children learn. This is called The Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning. Roughly speaking, they tell us that children are learning when they are:

  • Playing and Exploring: How engaged they are in an activity.
  • Active Learning: How motivated they are.
  • Creating and Thinking Critically: How they develop their thinking.

The essence of this curriculum will still be fundamental to your child's learning, but the way in which staff prioritise each area will also reflect the way in which some children may have been impacted by the lockdown period and the rules of social distancing. There will be an even greater emphasis on the prime areas of learning, particularly personal, social and emotional development and wellbeing.

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