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Starting the Day Peacefully and Quietly with Mindfulness Mornings

29 November 2019
Starting the Day Peacefully and Quietly with Mindfulness Mornings

Weekday mornings are often a hectic time for parents and children alike. We believe that if you start the day in a rush, it is much harder to concentrate on your work for the rest of the day. This applies to adults and children! That’s why this year we’ve launched Mindfulness Mornings.

The school day now starts with calm and quiet. Before lessons begin, the children take 15 minutes to participate together in mindfulness activities, such as circle time with the teacher, colouring, or quiet reading. Children can also use the sensory toys, art materials, and other items contained in the well-being boxes that have been placed in each class for use during quiet time.

As well as giving our pupils a chance to collect themselves and prepare for the school day ahead, these 15 minutes are something the children can look forward to before coming to school.

At Moredon Primary & Nursery School, we regularly reflect on what we are getting right and what we can do to further improve outcomes for our children. We are always looking for new ideas and initiatives that can make a difference, and we identified Mindfulness Mornings as a great way to facilitate a better learning environment and add further structure to the school day.

Since launching this new initiative in September, we’ve noticed that Mindfulness Mornings have had a real impact. Every day the school now starts off peacefully and quietly, which sets the tone for the rest of the day and has helped our pupils focus their minds and prepare for learning.

We would like to thank everyone at the school for making Moredon Primary & Nursery School a more mindful community.

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