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Raising Chicks in Moredon Nursery

24 May 2021
Raising Chicks in Moredon Nursery

At Moredon, we love to share unique experiences with our nursery children. This year, we witnessed the journey of a newborn chick from egg to birth.

This term, we have been learning all about animals, ranging from the tiny to the huge! As part of this, we’ve been teaching our nursery children how to care for these small animals while they also learned about how small animals grow and get bigger.

We were really impressed with how the children were able to describe the changes to the chicks over time. Some children even made signs to go next to the incubator to remind each other not to touch it.

Children in early years learn best from experience, so it was really fantastic to give our pupils the chance to interact with real-live animals, in a way that was safe both for the pupils, and for the chicks!

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