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Getting to Know the Animal World with ZooLab

9 June 2021
Getting to Know the Animal World with ZooLab

Last term, in our Nursery, we’ve been learning all about animals big and small!

One huge highlight was a visit from ZooLab, an organisation who bring animals to early years children. It was so interesting for the pupils (and the teachers!) to learn from the expert about the different kinds of animals and where they live.

We got to see and touch: a cockroach, a giant millipede, a giant African land snail, a snake, a tarantula and a frog. It was quite scary for some but really exciting nonetheless!

The visit from ZooLab rounded up a wonderful term where we’ve been doing a wide range of animal activities like: raising chicks in an incubator, reading the Hungry Caterpillar while raising our own caterpillars and ladybirds, and even going on our own toy jungle safari using our binoculars and our homemade jeeps.

At Moredon, we use different themes each term to make sure our early years education is fun, engaging, and enriching for every child. If you are interested in your child joining our Nursery, take a look at our nursery admissions page.

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