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Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness

5 December 2019
Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness

At Moredon Primary & Nursery School, one of our key responsibilities is to make sure our children are given all the tools and encouragement they need to grow into caring and compassionate people. As part of a new school initiative, which we’ve named ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, staff and children have been sharing how they have been kind in school and at home.

Kindness is contagious; recognising the kind acts of others encourages us all to follow suit. As we nurture our pupils, we want them to understand their role in our supportive and compassionate community.

In implementing Random Acts of Kindness, we have asked everyone at Moredon to keep an eye out for displays of thoughtfulness by children all around the school. When a caring act is noticed, the child involved is given a certificate recognising their good deed and a new leaf is attached to our kindness tree, which can be found in the library area.

By creating a caring environment and teaching our children how to be kind to one another, we can help them learn to consider the mental wellbeing of themselves and others.

Mental health problems are increasingly prevalent in young people, with 20% of children experiencing such issues each year. At Moredon, we take the health and well-being of our pupils seriously. Random Acts of Kindness is just one of our initiatives designed to support our pupils and promote good mental health.

We’ve already noticed a difference in the atmosphere at our school, and we hope you are also inspired to recognise your child’s generosity, kindness, and goodwill at home.

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