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Year 3 3ZB Term 5 Class Update

30 April 2019
Year 3 3ZB Term 5 Class Update

Today we went ice skating for the first time.

There was lots of laughter and lots of falling over. We enjoyed listening to Rob and learning how to skate but most importantly, we learnt how to get up,

Week Four

This week we enjoyed writing newspaper articles about Thomas John Barnardo. Then we pretending to be news reporters and sharing our information. We learnt that he helped over 8500 children, set up 96 home for homeless and opened the first Ragged School which was free for all to attend.

Week Six

Today we really enjoyed our Victorian experience day. We learnt how boring and strict it was in schools. During the day we chanted our timetables, did some basic arithmetic and copied sentences into our copy books. It was dull! If we spoke when we weren’t meant to the teacher would send us out the room and we would get told off. Also if we answered questions wrong we were made to sit in the corner of the room with a dunce hat on.

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