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Nursery Term 4 Class Update

4 March 2019
Nursery Term 4 Class Update

This term, we are focusing on People Who Help Us.

In week one, we have started this topic off with a week about the Police. We had a visit from 2 PCSOs who brought their car and we listened to each other on the radios, watched the lights come in and looked inside the police officer's boot.

We looked at different parts of their uniform and felt how heavy their jackets were! Take a look.

In week two, we have had a firefighter in to visit us and we acted out putting out fires and learned how to be safe around fire.

In week three, we have been using our bodies in different ways to move along benches and climbing frames. We slid on our tummies and our backs, we walked and crawled too. We made sure we bent our knees when we jumped off.

In week four we have been learning about vets and enjoyed the story Mog and the Vee Ee Tee. We were fortunate enough to have members of staff bring in their pets as part of our learning this week. Mrs Essam and Mrs Heron talked about their pets and how they care for them. They also spoke about their trips to the vets with their pets.

In week five we have been lucky enough to watch chicks hatch! We have had 10 eggs arrive on Monday and amazingly all our chicks have hatched out of their eggs! The children have absolutely loved watching the chicks come out of the eggs and we are looking forward to watching them grow, and holding them, next week.

In week six our chicks became big enough for us to hold! We put newspaper down and the chicks enjoyed the space and the freedom to run and flap their wings! The children carefully held the chicks by making sure their hand was on top of their wings. One even fell asleep in a child's hand!

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