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Nursery Term 3 Class Update

14 January 2019
Nursery Term 3 Class Update

Week One was the beginning of our ‘Traditional Tales’ term and we started off with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We loved pretending to be Goldilocks, eating up baby bear’s porridge that was ‘just right’!

We have been acting out the story in all sorts of different ways, eg, in the role-play and small world areas. We’ve played with porridge oats, painted pictures of bears, written ‘sorry’ letters to Goldilocks and built chairs and beds that were too tall, too hard and too soft! Take a look.

In Week Two we have been learning about the number 4 this week and the children have been making playdough balls to match the numeral, having a go at writing the numeral and exploring the 'Numberblock 4' magazine page!

Week 3 of this term has been all about Hansel and Gretel. Children have been making trails with different loose parts, acting out the story, making playdough sweets, building junk model gingerbread houses and lots more!

In week four we have been learning about the Gingerbread Man. We built bridges to stop the gingerbread man from being eaten, drew pictures of the, made gingerbread men in the playdough and had a go at counting the right amount of buttons onto the gingerbread men. We even got to ice and eat our own gingerbread men!

Week 5 of this term has been all about the Three Little Pigs! We have built houses from wooden bricks, construction, large foam bricks outside, straw and sticks! One child said they wanted to make a house from marshmallows! So we built a house and explored which materials made strong houses and which materials were easy to blow down!

In week 7 in Nursery we have learned about our last traditional tale – The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children have had a go at making all sorts of types of bridges and tested them out with pretend goats. We used wooden blocks, gutters, large plastic construction bricks and junk! Take a look.

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