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Moredon Primary & Nursery School
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Vision & Values

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Values Boards

School Mission Statement

We are continuously working to develop a curriculum that inspires and challenges the children and allows them to have a range of experiences, trips and visits. The mission statement shows clearly our promise to children that we will make learning interesting and challenging and it will make sense to them.

I have great pleasure in sharing with you the Learning Policy for Moredon Primary and Nursery School. This policy is represented by the logo on the front of this prospectus and also on the school uniform.

The Learning Policy was developed with staff, parents and governors on a TD day in May 2006 and even though that may seem a long time ago, we review its meaning and relevance and if it remains fit for purpose every year. Everyone contributed to the ideas and principles around the policy and we hope that you can support the school in its aims.  The children will come to learn this policy by heart and be able to discuss in detail what each part of the picture represents.  We are excited that our Learning Policy is not a written document but part of the everyday fabric of the new school.

  • The globe as a balloon represents the achievements and aspirations we hope to instil in our children as citizens of the world. It also represents the breadth we offer in our curriculum and the wide range of experiences we will give to enhance the children’s learning.


  • The basket of the balloon represents the school. You are safe in the basket whilst being able to explore new ideas, concepts and experiences. The balloon is tethered by the word MOREDON just as our school is tethered in the community. We want to celebrate Moredon as a community and develop learning in the community by making the school accessible.


  • The flames represent the support your children receive in school. Imagine you are in a balloon. Sometimes you will need a great deal of heat to make a journey, to go higher, sometimes you don’t need any heat at all and you cruise along at a speed suitable to your chosen journey. Sometimes you really need a short burst to get you somewhere. The level of support is always available in school through the teaching, the differentiated curriculum, teaching assistant support and intervention programmes. The support needed will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the children just as the flames are used to continue the journey of the balloon.


  • On the side of the balloon there are 3 sacks. These sacks represent the 3 main elements for successful learning. The heart represents self-esteem. If you believe in yourself and value your own talents you are likely to succeed. The tick represents the children’s willingness to learn. The question mark represents the knowledge, skills and understanding we hope to develop in every child. As parents, children and teachers work together, the children’s potential is released and the balloon continues higher on its journey.


  • The 5 stars are symbolic of what we believe ensures children will grow up to be good citizens in an ever changing and fast changing society.


5 Stars
Colour Meaning
Yellow Enjoy and achieve all that you can be
Green Be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle
Red Stay safe and understand what this means in the widest sense
Orange Make a positive contribution in your community now and in the future
Blue Economic well-being – work hard at all times so that you have security


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